About This Website

I understand.

I understand how personal your gear choices are. I understand how important and potentially even life saving some picks can be. I understand what it means to be a hiker. I understand how it feels to have something fail on you 3 days out, in the pouring rain, cold and wet. I understand how painful it can be when every other purchase ultimately ends up in your bounce box.

This website is here to guide you to the right gear the first time round.

Like you, I’ve personally spent days researching a single product to find just the right item to add to my gearlist.

Literally weighing up all the options and narrowing things down to a short list to further research, reading all the reviews, testing things out in the backyard, park, and sometimes my living room.

Eventually I find that one piece that just fits.

My choices won’t always be the right choice for you but I hope you can at least use my insight to form better opinions about your own gear choices and perhaps we’ll agree on another item another time.

– Jeremy