Outward Hound lightweight dog bowl Review

The Outward Hound Port-A Bowl is a collapsible bowl I picked up about a year ago. It was easy to feed and water my dogs while I was on the trail, on the road or in any other place we find ourselves, without a regular Dog dish. The bowl’s exterior is made of nylon in a black color with a red interior The bowl is surrounded by a stripe that runs through its middle. The Outward The Hound logo is sewn into the green stripes by sewing it onto a leather patch The middle of the bowl. It has a drawstring in the middle. The opening that can be closed to store food. You can keep water or treats in the bowl even if you are moving. It measures approximately 6 inches (15 cm) high and has a diameter of 5 in (12.6). cm It can be collapsed down to approximately 1 in by 5.5 inches (15 cm). It is long. It has an inner lining which allows it to retain its shape. It can be bent during use. It is completely waterproof and leak-proof.

Weight and Specs:

ManufacturerOutward Hound
UrlPort-A-Bowl (Green)
Weight2.5oz, 76g


The dog bowl is now the most important thing to remember While out with my dogs. It is water that I consider the most important. Fill the bowl with. When filled with, the bowl will stand up well Water, even in my car as long I’m not driving on a four-wheel drive Road. I like the fact that I can pull the drawstring and keep the leftovers. I keep water from leaking out of the bowl when I put it in my pocket. I I have never seen anything leak through the waterproof. Material, and the bowl has held its form after being rolled. I have a million pockets full of them and they are all in different places in my pocket. Packs It’s lightweight and easy to forget. It can be stowed away. This bowl is a favorite of mine and my dogs. They love it when they See me pulling it out on the trail that they both want me to be their best friend.Summary:

This product is excellent.

This product is a good choice. Dogs become dehydrated faster than humans. Dog owners who are responsible should always have water available for their dogs. A collapsible bowl seems to be the best option. It works. It fits easily in backpacks and pockets and is sturdy enough to be handled. It is used extensively. This product has been a hit with my dogs for over a year. It’s still in good shape even today. It will be replaced when the dust settles. It looks almost brand new.

If you’re looking for something specifically for treats, while this bowl works, you can also pair it with the belt fitted treat tote: