GSI Ultralight Java Drip Review

The Ultralight Java Drip can be used to make a delicious, light-weight Java Drip coffee. It’s a reusable coffee filter for backpacking. It is made up of: a small mesh cone sewen over a wire ring. The top is attached to three legs made of plastic that attach to a mug. You then fill the mesh cone with coffee and pour over hot water. Fresh-brewed coffee drips into your mug.

Why I Bought It

Morning coffee is my favorite thing. Hot coffee in the morning is a good choice for everyone, any season. Coffee in the mountains are one of the greatest pleasures in my life. Instant coffee will not do, it has to be the The real deal. Before the Java Drip, I had four options. Different coffee-making methods are available: cowboy coffee, percolator and a Separate French press or attachment to my Jetboil Flash. Alternatives include the necessity to bring a separate coffee pot. This is a problem because many of my hiking companions don’t and the weight is hard to justify. This last option is good, but Two different problems are raised. I want to drink my coffee while making breakfast, this is a must for me. Using the Flash makes my cooking cup messy before being refilled with water for oatmeal. This problem gets worse if I am hiking with a buddy.

– Simple storage
– Lightweight
– It is simple to use
– It’s a little pricey

Taking it out for a spin,

I take this thing out hiking in all seasons and all weather. I Take it on all solo hikes and hikes where I’m the only one drinking coffee. For groups I generally opt for something a little bigger. Winter use was almost exclusively huts and yurts. Outdoors on a frosty morning at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming . The highest temperature for morning coffee was In the Texas Hill Country. The weather has been varied From driving rain to a sunny, windless morning.

I have used it on 5 or 6 trips so far. I have attached the Java Drip to a variety of mugs and cups that I use for my coffee including the one it comes with. The legs of the Java Drip are flexible, so it’s simple to adjust them as required. Drinking vessels of different sizes are available. The teeth can be adjusted to fit any size. Fits over any cup lip. My only rule of thumb is to Place the mug you choose on flat ground, in a spot in camp where there is no one else likely to kick it over.

The Stats

ManufacturerGSI Outdoors,
Dimensions4.2 x 4.2 x 0.5 in, 10.7 x 10.7 x 1.3 cm
Listed weight0.4 oz, 11.3 g
Actual weight0.364 oz, 10.32 g

Thoughts and musings,

  • It is easy to use. It really doesn’t get any easier than this. The Java Drip’s best feature is The structure is flexible, and the teeth can grip on thick or thin surfaces.
  • Cup lips hold tight. The set-up is strong and wind-resistant. The set-up is remarkably sturdy. Java Drip is fragile, but its teeth grip tightly so the cup adds stability.
  • Structure and design. I can’t think of any way to improve it, so that’s a sign I’m happy with my purchase.
  • The Java Drip is surprisingly good with tall cups.

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A closer look


This is dependent on the coffee drinker and how much energy you require in the mornings. I usually re-use the first cup of coffee grounds for a second brew. You can still make a strong cup of coffee, but it won’t be as good as a fresh one.

This is one cup at a time product, which can delay someone else’s morning fix if you’re in a group. If my tentmate is also an addict, the quick answer is: Second Java Drip.

This low capacity and slow drip process is worth it for me but I understand why some hikers would prefer an instant option to get moving quicker and faster. (Instant coffee flavored oatmeal is a thing ya know)


I am still a Leave No Trace guy and always pack what he has in. Coffee grounds can be biodegradable, but some coffee grounds are not. Advocates favor burial. After breakfast, my used grounds are dumped in a trash bag of some kind – standard or zip-lock. Plastic bag The Java Drip should be rinsed with boiling water. water that I have prepared for dish-washing. Whatever method I use Coffee, the wet grounds make me miserable, and it’s hard to avoid. I have spilled a few on the ground and on my hands. Stick to the Java Drip mesh. This is of course not the case. Java Drip’s fault, but the result of its owner’s demands. Real coffee

Storage and packing

This is why I love the Java Drip. The Java Drip is a great product. A French press is slightly heavier than my other items, but it fits easily into my bag. Another story. It is rigid, bulky and large. Although plastic, stuffed animals can be damaged by sharp objects even though they are made from it. If attached to a loop or strap, it will be in my bag or banging around. The outside of the pack. The Java Drip folds flat, however. It can be stored in a small, plastic bag that can then be sealed at the end. top This can be stored almost anywhere in my bag, and I use it often. Inside my cooking system, or in a pan or pot. These two items can be compared in the photo – Enough said.


The Java Drip will last a long time if you take the necessary care as I have described. While. After many mornings, I have never had one break or deform. My pack can be used for storage and use in any way you like. The legs made of plastic are not dishwasher safe. The teeth are still intact and have not broken. I also haven’t lost any of my other teeth. The bag has not suffered any damage. When I was on the pitch, one did get thrown. It was too rough for further use based on subjective criteria. This is the result. Two of these have been around for over two years, and most likely sixty. I can take more days (plus the day after the hike) and it is enough.

Alternative option:

A French press needs more attention. A press allows me to pour in. Take the hot water and walk away. You can have your hot coffee in five minutes. It takes minutes to prepare the container and then it is sealed with plastic. It is a good insulator, so the contents of your coffee stay hot. Steeping. The Java Drip requires me to monitor the water level Add more hot water to the coffee as it drips, more or less. Keep the mesh bag full until your mug is full. The The first drop of water is absorbed fairly quickly but the grounds continue to dry out. When water absorbs, the viscosity of the water increases and hot water is exposed. The air is as fast as the coffee in the cup. I try to accelerate it To keep my coffee hot, I will make sure to process it as much as you can.

Usage notes

  • I’ve noticed some people need a little practice using it.
  • Monitor the water level and make sure to not overfill the filter.
  • Its easy to make a mess of my hands the coffee cup sometimes.
  • After pouring the contents, I make sure to not move the cup.
  • When I lifted the mug up by its handle, it wobbled (and once tipped over). Handle.
  • Once the mug has been filled with coffee, I use Java Drip to remove it. Take care not to spill.


This backcountry coffee lover’s favorite gear is the Java Drip.

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